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Hunting Prices

Daily Rates Per Person

(All prices are quoted in US dollars)
$400 per hunter (up to four hunters with one guide)
$200 non hunter (up to four persons with one guide) including local touring, this includes Waitomo Caves, Marokopa Falls, Natural Land Bridge & Kiwi House.


(Cannot be upgraded from donated hunts)

  • Pickup and drop off from Hamilton domestic Airport or Hamilton car rental.
  • Meals, beverages
  • Accommodation
  • Field dressing and trophys cape
  • Excludes expediting

6 Days — 1x1 package. All inclusive $12,900
Red Stag 340-360sci
Fallow Buck 200+sci
Sika Stag 135-153sci

5 Days —  2x1 package. All inclusive $14,500
2 x Red Stags 340-360 sci

Trophy Fees

Species Bronze Medal
SCI Record Book
Silver Medal
SCI Record Book
Gold Medal
SCI Record Book
Red Stag $500 - up to 273sci $2,500......274-300sci
      $9,000........361- 380sci
      $11,500 .....381-400sci
      .POA............ 421 sci +
Sambar     $8,000
Rusa     $3,500
Sika     $3,500
$5,900 above 150sci
Fallow     $3,000
$5,900 above 150sci
Arapawa Ram     $1,400
Wild Goat     $1,400
Wild Boar     $1,000
Turkey     $400 (daily)
Opossum     no charge (night shoot)
Paradise Duck     $400 (daily)
South Island      
Bull Tahr     $4,500
Chamois     $4,000

* Please note Tahr and Chamois hunts are exclusively a foot hunt so some fitness is required . A minimum of 4 days is required. Other wise a helicopter service can be arranged.

Hunt Contract

View/download our hunt contract (PDF)

For more information please feel free to contact us:

Mungunui Hunting Lodge
PO Box 44,
North Island,
New Zealand

Ph: +646 824 3707
Mob: +6427 224 6427


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