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Hunting Information and Prices

Best Hunting Time

Red Stag - in the Rut from March to May with the possibility of taking other species from April too late August as some species come into rut later. Rusa and Sambar come into the rut in late June through July. Sika, Fallow, Wapiti, Boar, Goat and Arapawa Ram can be hunted at the same time as Red Stag.

For Tahr and Chamois in the South Island, hunting is late April to August.


Through good habitat and management, animals are excellent quality and have won several awards. A number of these have been in the top10. Stags are judged on score in the field and if your stag is taken and scored higher clients are not charged higher trophy fees.

All the above species can be viewed here in our website photo gallery (Links above).


In New Zealand gun permits are easily obtained at a cost of NZD$25 on arrival into Auckland Airport.  If you wish to make prior arrangements for a Permit you can fax the Airport Police office +64 9 256 0486 or ph +64 9 275 9046 and ask them to fax you a firearms permit form, fill in the form stating that you are hunting with "Mungunui Hunting Lodge", and fax back to the number above. Keep a copy of the form yourself and bring it with you for our NZ Customs. You should have no problems.

Hunters are permitted to use Bow, Black Powder or Rifle. 300 magnum rifles, 30 caliber rifles or similar are most suitable.  Rifles are available at the Lodge on request (no extra charge).

Trophy Care

Guiding includes ALL trophy care and delivery to a local Expeditor where all trophies will be shipped to the Taxidermist of your choice or can be mounted here in New Zealand. All Expedited trophy are shipped within 90 days.


Temperatures range between 79°F and 39°F in the North Island and 80°F and 37°F in the South Island. Clothing undergarments should be worn with over clothing wind and waterproof. Seasons are opposite to the Northern Hemisphere.

Small Game

Possums, Rabbits and Hares are abundant and are great fun to hunt.  Spotlighting of these species is also available in the evenings.

Trout Fishing

Some of the best Trout fishing in the world is found at and around Rotorua & Lake Taupo with local streams and rivers also producing superb fish.

Big Game Fishing

Marlin, Mako, Kingfish and Snapper are frequently caught just off the West Coast, which can be seen from the Lodge. The Marlin season is from mid January to early April. A charter fishing boat can be arranged.


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